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Tax Accounting Services for Individuals and Small Businesses

Providing Custom Tax Solutions

Our tax accounting services are designed to help you evaluate your tax position whether you are an individual or small business. Through our processes we will help you uncover potential deductions, ease your payroll responsibilities, plan for retirement and achieve your financial goals. We work closely with each of our clients providing them a custom solution tailored to their situation. Below is a brief list of our services. If you don’t see what you are looking for then contact us with your needs and we will be happy to help you!

tax accounting services

    • Tax Preparation – We can help provide you with expert tax advice along the way to assist in finding deductions to lower your tax liability.
    • Financial Planning – Always plan for the future. Live is full of great joy but the unexpected can strike at anytime. Learn how to best plan for your future to achieve your financial goals.
    • Accounting and Bookkeeping – Keeping proper records of all business activity is incredibly important. Plan ahead to stay on top of important deadlines.
    • Payroll Services – Designed intentionally for the small business owner who needs assistance with taxes, accounting and payroll services for their employees.
    • Cash Management – Are you familiar with the phrase cash is king? Don’t ever operate on a low cash flow. Learn how to increase your cash assets to better operate your business.
    • IRS Notifications – Have you received one of those unexpected letters from the IRS like a CP2000 notice? Let us know and we can help you resolve it.


Tax, Accounting and Payroll Services for Small Business Owners

Be sure to ask about our Small Business Owners Package. We will take over handling your tax, accounting and payroll services on a monthly basis to help ensure your business stays on track throughout the year. Our affordable monthly fee allows you to easily budget your tax, accounting and payroll costs. This greatly reduces the risk to avoid a costly year-end billing and tax liability surprises.


Efficient, Helpful and Friendly
Mike and his team are always available, seemingly, even at extreme hours, to assist you with urgent questions and deadlines. They are friendly, efficient, and always helpful. I have been using North Shore Tax and Accounting for several years and I have no hesitation making referrals to my friends and colleagues to Mike and his crew.
Jonathan Stake
Chicago, IL
I love working with Mike. He is responsive, personable, and easy to work with – everything I want in an accountant! I couldn’t be more satisfied.
Jean Lee
Evanston, IL
Does What Is Right
Illusive Image Hair Salon We are so lucky to have such a Great Accountant that we know is on our side!! Mike has fought for us many times. Mike would truly listen and truly care with patience and honor. We pray that he continue to work for many years!
Addin Laguardia
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